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Professional Teams

We have more than 22 professional medical doctors and medical technologists in the sales team. They have been trained in good and professional sales technique as well as top technical knowledge.

Three medical technologists are in the technical support team to provide prompt solution. A general management group is focus on logistic, financing, marketing and general management. Don't forget a eighteen people engineer team helping all engineering requests.

We are using technical sales strategy. All sales persons have been trained for good technical knowledge and applications. This can make sure a good communication and understanding of customers' needs. A continuously training program is conducting all year round to catch up all latest technology.

We employed various strategies to penetrate our non-homogeneous markets. We sell directly to stable and mature markets like Hong Kong and some major cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Fuzhou. The other parts of China and SE Asia markets, our key to success is using the well-developed network of over 30 distribution channels that penetrate local markets of vast geographical and cultural differences.

With six years experience, our team and system are demonstrated to be efficient, productive and successful.