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Product & Services


We have identified two target markets of significant commercial potential and subsequently licensed and developed a wide range of products designed to fulfill the unmet market needs. Markets that we focuses on are diagnostics products for immunology, diabetes, blood bank, electrophoresis, imaging, quality control (QC) materials and Point-of-Care, and integrated hospital information system (HIS), laboratory information system (LIS) and related software products.

We sell ELISA and other consumable reagent kits that are for the measurement of various health indicators and disease markers. Health indicators measured by those products marketed by the company include cardiac markers, alcohol, ammonia, bilirubin, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, albumin, creatinine, androgens, growth factors, thyroid hormone and mineral salts. They indicate the likelihood of having diabetes, in-born obesity, mismatched bone-marrow transplantation, myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia, lymphoma, breast cancer, other types of cancer and various genetic and infectious diseases.

Diagnostic equipment complements the functions of ELISA and consumable reagent kits. Equipment sold by us includes electrolyte testing systems, hematology analyzers, immunoassay systems, ELISA readers, automated electrophoresis systems and urine analysis workstations.

We are one of the leaders in distributing semi and fully automated systems to meet the needs of small, medium and large sized laboratories. We champion in using the HPLC method of diabetes diagnosis. Our expertise and experience in HPLC systems and diabetic markets have afforded us over 90% local market share. We have also successfully raised the awareness of this method of diabetes testing in China. Beside the strong presence in the diabetic market, we also dominate the QC markets as being the sole supplier of all QC contracts with the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health of Hong Kong. We also owned more than 60% market shares of Open ELISA instruments and Gel Card Blood Bank Systems sale in China.

In addition of to the increasing number of diagnostic equipments and consumable reagent kits we sell, we are also investigating new potential product areas in the medical-related information management systems that complement products currently distributed by us. Medical related software (LIS, LIMS, HIS and PACS) being developed by us is a source of growth. The newly developed products have been sold to our hospital clients through the existing distribution channel.

We are also responsible for the technical support of virtually all the diagnostic products we sell. To support our business, we own and operate a technical service team. It supports spare parts inventories and well-trained service engineers in all the cities where we conduct our business.