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Statstrip Glucose/Ketone

SKU: StatStrip Glucose/Ketone

The European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes UK, the Canadian Diabetes Association, Australian Diabetes Association, and American Diabetes Association, concur that glucose level>14 mmol/L (250 mg/dL) combines with elevated blood ketone indicate DKA, a potentially life threatening complication of hyperglycemia. Other than blood glucose testing, StratStrip Glucose/Ketone provides blood ketone testing which enables rapid diagnosis of DKA. Moreover, blood ketone testing improves monitoring of therapy for DKA. DKA patients monitored by beta-OHB left the ICU 6.5 hours earlier than patients monitored with urine ketones. 29.8% cost savings for lab test and 70.2% reduction in clinical assessment are shown.




- Measures and eliminates hematocrit interferences

- Eliminates errors caused by maltose, galactose, oxygen, and electrochemical interferences

- Lab equivalent accuracy validated in over 60 hospitals throughout the world

- Fast, 6-second glucose results, 10-second ketone result

- Small, 1.2 microliter sample for glucose

- Small, 0.8 microliter sample for ketone


Data Storage:

Patient Tests: 1,000 tests
QC Tests: 500 tests
Users: 4,000 users


Meter Data Output: RJ-45 Ethernet Port
Protocol: TCP/IP Ethernet 10 Mbit
Standard: POCT1-A Compliant
Setup Program: NovaNetâ„¢ Web-Based Instrument Manager Software

Battery Information:

Type: 3.7V Li Polymer Rechargeable Battery
Features: Rechargeable/Replaceable
Life: 6-8 hours in use (approximately 40 tests w/barcode scans) / 12-24 hours standby

Docking Station:

Optional accessory; desk or wall mount charging station with RJ-45 Ethernet jack. 3 LED indicator lights showing connection status, transmit/receive data, and charging status. Extra battery slot included for recharging and storage of spare battery

Additional Features:

  • Color touch screen
  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • Traditional QC with target values assigned to QC materials
  • Numeric or pass/fail QC
  • QC prompting or QC lock out
  • Abnormal and critical ranges flagged by color highlighting
  • Canned or free text user comments
  • Rejecting of results at meter (optional) for repeat testing
  • Flagging of Tight Glycemic Control results
  • Accepting patient ID or accession number
  • Use of operator password (lockout)
  • Entry of offline tests
  • Entry of ICD-9 Diagnosis codes
  • Ordering physicians I.D.
  • On-screen training mode
  • Correlation mode
  • Slope and intercept adjustment
  • Web-based meter configuration by location
  • Custom meter configuration by medical unit
  • Connect to hospital ADT
  • Connect to all LIS/EMR
  • POCT1-A data output
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