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SKU: Erytra

A fully automated instrument with a high processing capacity for pre-transfusion compatibility tests using the gel agglutination technique. Erytra® combines Grifols' experience and technology with the advantages of the unique Grifols DG Gel® 8-column cards.

Erytra® is a walk-away instrument with self-organizing capacity that manages and executes all the necessary steps when performing blood typing techniques and investigation of unexpected antibodies:

- Positive identification of samples and reagents
- Maintenance of globular suspensions
- Dilution of samples
- Dispensing of samples and reagents
- Incubation and centrifugation of DG Gel® cards
- Reading and interpretation of results
- Report generation

3D verticality concept

Erytra® is the first instrument within its market segment to introduce an innovative and ground-breaking design feature: verticality. Erytra® organizes the work in a linear order, from top to bottom, making maximum use of the instrument's 3D space. As a result, we are able to guarantee that an Erytra® is exactly the same width as the current WADiana®, but with 4 times the capacity and speed.


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